Axie Infinity: Lunacia Land Gameplay Coming 2022

About Axie Infinity

Axie: Infinity is the number blockchain game in history. It has been a game changer when it comes to play-to-earn game mechanics, and now is looking to break into the next stage of its development, with the Lunacia Land Gameplay.

This is a Pokemon inspired universe where anyone who owns “Axies,” in the form of NFT cards, can use their skills to battle, breed, and earn income. It is by far the most actively played blockchain game in the world. However this is still in its early development.

Land Gameplay

What is land inside Axie: Infinity?

Lunacia is the Axie homeland. It is divided into tokenized plots of land that are the home for Axies. They can be upgraded over time using resources and crafting ingredients found while playing the game. The plots of land are called Terra, which are NFTs that can be purchased, sold and rented out by their owners. There are games and adventures that can be had on these land plots.

Lunacia is a 301 x 301 grid piece of land, with 90,601 plots of land. Only 17,000 have been released at this time. Of all the plots of land, there are 2,598 addresses that own these plots of land.

There are five types of land: savannah, forest, arctic, mystic and genesis. Some types are more rare than others and provide different types of experience. Savannah land is most common, with 22,400 plots. Then there is forest land, also common, with 22,025 plots of land. Then theer is arctic land, slightly more rare, with only 16,537 plots of land. Mystic land has only 8264 plots of land, finally there are genesis land, with only 220 plots of land that surround lunar’s landing, the red spot in the center of the map.

What Factors Give Axie Land Value? Location, Size, Scarcity, Popularity.

Where/When/How to Purchase the Land?

Axie had already made a first land sale in 2019 known as “Project K,” but so far no buyers can develop on these plots. Now the most basic lots from Project K are valued at around $9,000 and a Genesis lot recently sold for more than $ 2 million.

There is a new series of sales planned for “early 2022,” with no official release date yet. Along with the sale of the new bundles, developer Sky Marvs plans to launch a new game mode for Axie Infinity, with this land gameplay resembling Decentraland and Sandbox among other successful metaverses with virtual land.

Constructing this metaverse has caused some delays, and will now be released in 2022. There are planned 3 phases according to the announcement by Sky Marvs. The first phase focuses on “resource building and production,” the second phase on “skill trees, jobs, and social activities,” and the third will focus on group play, namely conquests and massive battles.

The team also plans to include major events affecting all of Lunacia, plus plenty of Axie storylines to discover and enjoy. There are new ways to earn the SLP token with seasonal missions and events, social interactions, and battles between Axie armies.

Along with the announcements, Sky Marvs also announced a teaser for this new Axie Infinity metaverse.

How to Buy Land Right Now

First go to Axie Infinity website, click marketplace, and you will see a bunch of different sectors. Click on Land. You can also filter the land by which type, forest, savannah, etc… and also you can filter by least expensive to most expensive, or most recent listing.

The pricing for this land is astronomical, and it is important to keep in mind that these are only 17,000 of the planned 90+ thousand planned plots, so some fluctuations in pricing as land becomes less scarce is likely.

You can follow their Discord server to keep up to date on when these new plots of land will be sold, as well as when the Lunacia gameplay will launch.

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