Ertha: Owning NFT Land for Residual Income

Ertha is a new P2E NFT metaverse game launching on Binance smart chain. Similar to Decentraland, the game will encompass an accurate life simulation on a massive scale where players will be able to own metaverse land and earn lifetime revenue on that land in perpetuity.

The world of the game is literally a virtual earth. Players will be rewarded by owning land to manage companies and countries on.

The resources and features on each plot differ. Building and driving the in-game economy gives landlords the ability to create new environments and earn real income. (For a full breakdown of the in-game setup check out this article.)

Ertha’s land consists of 350,000 Hex Land Plots. They represent actual geolocations on the globe. In game players participate in a lifelike simulation of actions of a real world economy. Interestingly, there will also be wars and conflicts that will reshape the balance of power.

The Ertha Team:

The team behind Ertha is led by CEO Linas Kiguolis. Linus is the founder of TecoReviews, which reviews various technologies with. He specializes in social media and cyber security. His recent turn at CEO of Ertha is, as far as we can tell, his first stint into blockchain technologies and metaverse.

Experienced web and game designers bolster their team.

Ertha Tokenomics:

The $ERTHA token has a token supply of 2,000,000,000 tokens. The initial market cap was set at 662,000. (The tokens will be released according to the above schedule.)

The seed round distributed 5% of the initial supply. The community or public round is still TBA.

How to Participate in Ertha?

Simply visit the official Ertha Globe Marketplace to get started owning land in the Ertha metaverse right away. There you simply connect your binance smart chain web3 wallet address, and then you can shop the globe.

There are still opportunities to own relatively inexpensive “Hex Land Plots,” all over the virtual globe.

You can follow their official social accounts to stay updated on token sale information, plus the development of the game: Twitter, Telegram, Discord.

According to their rodamap the early version of game will launch sometime in 2022.