Build Your Guild of Guardians: NFT Fortunes to be Made

What is Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is an action RPG game designed to be played with teams, your “guild.” The core gameplay will involve a dungeon campaign mode, where a team of four “Guardians,” collectible NFT heroes, will battle alongside friends through dungeons to complete quests and earn rewards. The more rewards known as craft materials you earn. The more craft materials you win the more valuable and rare your NFT’s can become. All NFT’s will be tradable for real world currencies, amplifying the play-to-earn aspect of the game.

The game is designed to require people to play together. In the game you join a guild, and must work with other players in order to craft the NFT’s. When an NFT gets crafted through a guild crafting, it gets sent to the market for sale. The profits from the sale are then divided depending on how much each player in the guild participated in earning the crafting materials. This unique system will incentivize players to join powerful guilds and contribute to the success of the team. There will also be guild leaderboard prizes, based on a tier system that will rank and place smaller to large guilds in the appropriate competitions.

About the Guild of Guardians Team:

Guild of Guardians is being published by Immutable and developed by Stepico. Immutable is also the team behind Illuvium’s peer-to-peer fee-less NFT trading. It is one of the world’s largest VC-funded blockchain gaming start-ups, backed by investors such as Naspers and Galaxy Digital. Stepico is a mobile games development studio, with a team of 50+ developers. Stepico’s artists have worked on AAA-quality strategy and RPG games with over 5 million installs.

Guild of Guardians Tokenomics:

The ERC 20 utility token known as Gems are the in game currency. 75% of all tokens will be earned by players in the game. Anytime you want to mint an NFT, the gems will be needed in the minting process.

The Gems will also be sent to a rewards pool, then sent back to Gem holders as a reward for actively staking the token. The Gems token can also be used to vote. Gem holders will govern the community through this governance utility.

Gems will also be used as primary and secondary sells. When selling NFT’s straight from the developers, at least 20% of the price must be purchased using the gems. Those gems spent will then go into the rewards pool, for those who are holding/staking gems.

Free to play players will also be able to earn, by winning Gems in the game. This is designed to incentivize behaviors that help build and support the game. There will be a fixed Gem reward, e.g. 10,000 Gems per day.

How to get involved in the Launch and Play of Guild of Guardians?

There is currently a “Founders Sale,” running. Here you can purchase heroes, pets, and other in-game assets from the Store page, for a limited time only. These founder assets will be exclusive, can be played in-game, and will never be sold again.

You can also Mint your own pre-game NFT’s here by connecting your Ethereum Wallet to Immutable X. There are step-by-step instructions to help you along.

The creators are still tight lipped about the potential pre-sale, or ICO of the in game currency known as Gems. We know that Gems will be earned by simply playing the game. The game is expected to launch on mobile “early 2022,” which if history tells us anything will most likely be pushed back at least a little, into later 2022. There will be compatible with Apple iOS and Google devices.