Illuvium Zero: Land Sale Update

Introducing Illuvium: Zero

Illuvium may be the most anticipated play to earn game yet. Illuvium: Zero is set to be a supplementary mini-game on mobile devices that will interface with the main Illuvium game on PC. The mini-game will focus on ownership of NFT land plots that will have various levels of value. Purchased land will provide resources such as “fuel,” and “blueprints” to the main game. Illuvium players will have to purchase resources from the land owners generating these resources on their virtual land plots, making those who buy and operate land in Illuvium: Zero an integral part of the in-game economy.

Illuvium: Zero Game Details

Over the course of five land sales, there will be a total of 100,000 land plots sold, but millions of players. The hype around this land sale will be enormous, but it’s hard to know exactly what kinds of ROI each land plot will have.

Land comes with a total of six tiers, from Tier 0 -Tier 5. Tier Zero will be known as “virtual land,” and will be available to everyone whether or not they actually purchase a land plot. Tier One and higher offer blockchain compatibility, and thus earning potential. The tiers will be decided depending on the number of element sites, fuel sites, and the presence or lack of a landmark on the plot.

According to lead game designer Aaron Warwick, players with Tier 1-5 land can build things on their land, some of which will have the ability to generate resources, which will be claimable as an ERC-20 token and sold on the in-game exchange for ETH. You can read up on this in more depth in the Illuvium Discord.

Illuvium Tokenomics

$ILV tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain. ILV is a governance token, which gives voting rights to its holders. ILV also enables revenue distribution for Illuvium and Illuvium Zero for any stakers of the token. You can deep dive on discord or at Illuvium’s website, or Medium Blog, or whitepaper. By staking ILV you can choose to get your rewards in ILV again (and restake it), or as sILV.

sILV (synthetic ILV) purchases things in-game (both Illuvium and Illuvium Zero). Its price will exactly match the ILV price. The devs burn an ILV token every time an sILV token is spent. sILV can be used (along with ETH) to buy land in the upcoming land sale. sILV is officially obtained as staking rewards. However, whales have supplied liquidity at a reduced cost on Uniswap. You must make sure you use the correct contract address (read this pinned message on the Discord).

We can buy ILV on Binance and KuCoin. You can swap on Sushi, Uniswap, and more.

Land Sale Update Details

The first 20% land sale was originally to take place in November or December 2021. It has since been delayed. In a recent interview, Warwick said that January 2nd or 3rd 2022 was the next tentative window.

There will be 20,000 Tier 1-5 land plots for sale in this first Dutch style auction. Dutch style simply means the prices will drop over time until somebody clicks the “buy now” button and pays, including gas fee for the transaction. Thus the price will diminish overtime, finding its real market value according to the below chart.

The sale will take place on a platform hosted on More information on the prices of each type of land tier have been dropped by the Illuvium committee (seen below). These will likely be the starting prices, barring any sudden changes in the prices of Ethereum or ILV.

The land can be purchased with sILV or ETH. Better deals can be had using sILV since it reflects the value of ILV but can be purchased on Uniswap for around half the price of regular ILV. Note, you will always need ETH to pay the gas fee. The sale will take place over some number of days in various batches. There will be more land sales in the future, but we don’t have details on those plans yet.

Before purchase, the devs will release info: Grid position (location on the map), Region it belongs to, and Tier Level. You will not know the exact sites that are on the land, or position of sites on the land. They are generated upon the land NFT minting.

If you miss out on this land sale you will have four more chances to buy land. This could work in your favor, as we cannot know the actual value of the land. Future sales could be priced higher or lower. The truth is we just don’t know.

According to the Discord server, there will be an info package that drops one week before the land sale. Stay tuned at for updates.

The Illuvium: Zero game will be playable on iOS, Android, and PC Servers.

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