Kombat Finance: P2E Fight to Earn Game: New Release

What is Kombat Finance?

KombatFinance is a decentralized platform that offers gamers worldwide a thrilling new Triple-A gaming experience. This Play-to-Earn or P2E lets participants “earn crypto currency while Fighting,” similar to other projects recently covered on CryptoReleases such as Dungeon Crypto.

Upon its releae the game will be called Kombat. Kombat is an open-world F2E (Fight to earn). It uses the Unreal Engine for realistic graphics. The RPG aspect fully integrates NFTs, allowing players to own in-game assets and create real value in this virtual world.

In this new economy rewards are based on time, effort and skill. The more you play, the better you fight, the more $Kombat you will earn. A mobile app is in development and yet to be released to the public.

The Kombat Finance Team

The Kombat Finance team consists of 6 highly skilled “full-stack,” blockchain and game developers. There are also UI, VR, content and 3D designers on board. Members of the team have worked for some of the top crypto gaming projects in the metaverse space.

The Kombat Finance team is highly experienced in marketing. They understand that marketing a token is a “fine art” that requires timing, community, and luck. Their success is built on innovation and tireless commitment to overcoming challenges.

The community is diverse and actively supporting new members.


The $Kombat token is a rewards token used to buy NFTs in the game and earn rewards through time and practice. If you win your fights, you earn crypto in the form of $Kombat. The tokenomics seen in the above graphic show they have a conservative tokenomics model, with only 1% going to team development.

How to get started with Kombat Finance:

You can purchase $Kombat token on Pancakeswap.finance by clicking the link here. Once you import the token you can swap for it using any other token on the Binance smart chain (BSC). The Beta Version of the game is now live on the main website.

Once you’re ready to enter this metaverse you will need to buy yourself an NFT fighter to compete with. You can fight with your NFT character to earn more, collect more, and even resell them on the marketplace. This NFT system is still in development, check back to learn when it is going live.

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