Mirandus: #1 Hyped P2E Fantasy Adventure Game

About Mirandus:

Mirandus is a new P2E NFT game in development by Gala Games. It is trending #1 in adventure games in the explosive blockchain space.

This epic fantasy RPG is set in a massive world ruled by five player-monarchs. In game, players have free roam. They can choose to set out into the wilderness alone to test their fortunes against monsters in deep woods and dungeons, or combine forces with one of the monarchs to serve as a knight in their court.

Players will have the option to inhabit one of the five great cities of the realm. In-game ownership of assets is a central mechanic. You will be able to hold land deeds to parts of the over-world and set up anything from small farms to the most massive cities.

A fascinating aspect of Mirandus is how the game will treat death. Land barrens in the game will own cemeteries. If your avatar wanders off into the woods at night and you are killed by a monster, you will actually suffer death and be in a kind of purgatory with real repercussions. This keeps the stakes high, and makes the world of Mirandus feel more embodied with consequences. Perhaps a safe life in town engaging in commerce will be best. Or, maybe you just can’t help but wander off into battle with all the evil inhabiting this metaverse world.

The Team at Gala Games

Gala Games partnered with Flare, the chain integration network that works with the Ethereum virtual machine. Their VC’s include Mazer Gaming, an esports and entertainment brand founded back in 2014. They have partnered with Bitrue, the crypto asset management platform, as well as Polygon. Gala games also cut a promotional deal with the privacy-focused web browser Brave.

Mirandus Tokenomics

The in-game token for Mirandus will be the utility token on the Gala Games platform, ticker $GALA. The GALA token is trading at $0.50 at the time of this writing. Eventually players will earn GALA in-game, but can currently be earned either by setting up a node on the GALA network, or purchasing GALA on any of the above listed exchanges.

The GALA token is currently ranked #41 on Coin Market Cap, and has been steadily climbing, up over 200 spots in the last few weeks. It has a market cap over $630M with a circulating supply of 6.98B.

Players earn GALA through the games or operating their node. Earnings go to what is known as their “Treasure Chest.” These earnings can then be spent to mint new NFTs for the games, or exchange your GALA tokens on the marketplace.

How to Get Started with Mirandus

The Exemplars, who are valuable NFT avatars that will control the game have all sold out. However, you can find and purchase them on OpenSea Marketplace.

By purchasing an Exemplar you will have some degree of prestige as well as functionality in the game. There are tree types of Exemplars: humans being the lowest, then orcs, then halflings, then elves. There’s a clear Lord of Rings vibe here.

There are other types of NFTs including land that are still available on the Gala Games Marketplace, however they are quite expensive options, including cemeteries.

The game itself is still listed as in development, and there were rumors earlier this year that a late 2021 release of the Alpha Version was planned. However, that has likely been delayed into sometime next year. You can stay updated by following the official Gala Games Twitter and Discord group.