OOZE FINANCE IS BULLISH! Stake Crypto on FTM for Passive Income

What is Ooze Finance?

OOZE Finance is a new DeFi game on the Fantom network. It works similar to other DefI games we have discussed on this blog such as Kombat Finance, in which you buy an NFT and make deposits to play.

Ooze is touted as being a deflationary, sustainable, and consistent investment. The protocol provides a compoundable, and even upgradable daily 1% return.

There are two factions in which you can join. You can either become a disciple of the Order of SLIME and build your own monastery for greater rewards. Or join the BioPunks, and become part of the machine known as Auto-OOZE, and let it auto-compound your rewards for a hands-free investment experience.

The Ooze Finance Team

Donny is the technical designer of OOZE. He is writing the whitepaper and has designed how the mechanics of the protocol work. Leo is the main contract developer and author of the innovations that make OOZE stand out from the rest. Mikey is also a developer who works on the contract code and is in charge of design work, art work, and KYC and Auditing. Lastly, there is Raff who is developing UI for OOZE plus handling marketing.

You can check out the full Ooze Finance team on their medium article here


As mentioned there are two factions to choose from for your NFT passive income investment.

Order of SLIME

The Order of SLIME forms monasteries in the sewers. They slyly recruit new disciples “topside.” Their mission is to spread the benefits and knowledge of OOZE to all.

In the Order, investors manage their own passive-income investment. You choose when to compound your daily ROI, and when to claim. You can start your own monastery and recruit disciples to join you. These allies benefit you through the taxes they pay on depositing and compounding. You can choose your level of monastic benefits: automatic kickbacks on deposits and compounds that return to your disciples and give your monastery the edge. To unlock such team rewards, you’ll contribute to the liquidity of OOZE in the Swamp, ensuring the OOZE price stays stable, and giving everyone, no matter their deposit size, the ability to build a monastery.

There are promising reasons to choose to join the Order of SLIME. If you were referred by a member, and want to benefit from generous automatic kickbacks on deposits. Or you may join because you want to grow your own monastery to grow your deposit faster.

The BioPunks

The BioPunks are biohackers who believe technology improves everything. They inject OOZE into bio-mechanical implants in their bodies, and have automated production with sleek assembly lines “hidden beneath the city.”

Auto-OOZE manages your wallet for you, auto-compounding and claiming at a rate based on your long-term goals. Save on gas fees, as all compounding is automated for you. Pay gas only whenever you withdraw your claimed amounts.

You might join Auto-OOZE to automate your deposit, to create truly passive income. You would join if you’re not interested in team building yourself, but still want your deposit to grow based on your priorities.

How to Get Started with Ooze Finance

To join Ooze Finance you can visit the Defi Guys referral link here, and enter the user ID @defiguys. Once you are there you can choose your faction, the Order of Slime or Bio-punks.