Realm: Create Your Own Micro Meteverse

What is Realm?

Realm is a new metaverse project that is gaining major hype, currently with the second highest social engagement rating behind only Axie: Infinity. In the Realm metaverse players will create augmented reality (AR) portals into an infinite number of microverses, as they are called. This could be anything from an “art exhibit in space” to “underwater pet auctions.” Truly, only the limits of one’s imagination limit what kind of realm your AR portal could transport you to.

Inside the AR portals users will display NFT art collections, launch play to earn games, create 3D interactive pets that will live forever on the blockchain, and earn $REALM tokens for mastering the realms.

The Realm Team:

The team is led by CEO and co-founder Matthew Larby, a technologist who ran Unified with a successful exit, and also developed the The other co-founder Joban Thomas also came from Unified, and is a skilled visual and audio designer.

The full team can be seen at

There are also a suite of venerable VC’s backing the project, including Constellation and Moonrock Capital.


$REALM token is cross-chain. It functions as the utility token within the Realm metaverse. $REALM is an ERC-20 token but is also available on BSC chain, with Polygon launching in early 2022. It is planned to have future support for Reef, Avax, Solana and Polkadot.

Players can use the Realm crosschainbridge to move their tokens across various chains, and use fiat on-ramps to seamlessly interact between blockchains. Layer 2 solutions will keep gas fees low.

How to Participate

The realm token is available on the Ethereum mainnet, as well as Binance smart chain. You can find the token on Uniswap, as well as Pancakeswap. The official token address is: 0x464fdb8affc9bac185a7393fd4298137866dcfb8. But you can get the official address from their official site here.

The $REALM staking protocol has officially launched. The first phase has closed, but you can stake by creating LP tokens when phase two launches sometime next year.

You can follow them on their official Twitter and Telegrams for updates.

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