Sphere Finance: The S&P 500 of Crypto

About Sphere Finance

Sphere Finance offers investors the SPHERE Token, which gives exposure to a diverse portfolio of crypto projects. In this sense it is an Index token, similar to Index stocks that offer exposure to entire sectors in the stock market.

Investors can participate with confidence knowing that Sphere has eclipsed industry-accepted security measures. These security measures include KYCs, three audits, and over 120 peer reviews of their contract so far. Sphere emphasizes security and promises to continuously stay ahead of the security curve.

Sphere also uses its treasury to invest in governance and DAO tokens across the DeFi space. This offers Sphere Token holders voting power over other influential protocols.

The Team Behind Sphere Finance

Sphere Finance has partnered with Penrose, the coalition of leading protocols on Polygon. They have also partnered with Bogged.Finance, Dystopia a major Dex on the Polygon network, as well as Tetu a multichain high-yield Defi protocol. These partners are providing Sphere with marketing potential as well as liquidity.


The Sphere Token grants investors with several built-in features which safeguard liquidity and moderate the price.

Sphere’s dynamic tax system ensures that no one person can cause massive swings in price. Fees are adjusted when a transaction affects Sphere’s liquidity, they are able to encourage people to take their profits in a way that benefits the Sphere ecosystem.

Sphere collects a yield from its own transactions through strategically buying back its own liquidity. This in turn creates a “flywheel effect” that continually builds the treasury and benefits
Sphere’s holders.

Sphere also uses a dynamic tax system which only incentivizes users to take profits when it is healthy to the protocol. This guarantees that no one “whale” account can massively impact price, because the fees associated with transactions that greatly affect the price of Sphere token will be heavily taxed, based on this weighted system.

How to Get Involved

Sphere Token can be purchased on Bogged.Finance. Investors can also do their own research by visiting the Sphere.Finance, and following their various social media channels.