Splinterlands: Chaos Legion – Presale Info

What is Splinterlands: Chaos Legion?

The game Splinterlands has emerged as one of the most popular NFT play to earn games currently on the market. Basically, it’s a turn-based card battle game. Each card is a tradable NFT, and the game also allows players to earn the in-game Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) token.

Unlike most games we cover, you can start playing Splinterlands right now. You simply need to make a $10 investment to get your “summoner’s spellbook,” so you can start completing quests and building up the power of the your deck.

The Chaos Legion is a brand new set of cards within the Splinterlands metaverse. This new card release is the largest NFT launch in the game by far. The cards are released in “Packs.” With a price point of $4 per pack, in which you receive five cards.

About the Splinterlands Team:

Jesse Reich and Matthew Rosen, each known as “aggroed” and “yabapmatt” on the Splinterlands Discord server are the two founders. Reich is a former scientist and chemistry professor without any professional gaming experience prior to Splinterlands, Rosen worked as a developer for RockYou and Ryzing, both gaming projects that were not blockchain-based.

The Splinterlands team has already delivered on the impressive popularity of the NFT digital card game. They are backed by Bitcoin.com, the Blockchain Founders Fund, Wax, and Sesameseed. Splinterlands is also compatible with many other blockchains, making it easy to get invested in their NFTs and play the game.

Splinterlands Chaos Legion Tokenomics:

You are allowed to buy the packs with many different kinds of crypto tokens, HIVE, BTC, ETH, LTC, and others. You will also be able to use the Splinterlands governance token, known as SPS. There is a step-by-step guide on how to buy and stake SPS here.

You will receive some bonuses if you buy over 100 packs, over 200 you receive up to a 20% pack bonus. There will be a limited time airdrops, with eligibility based on the number of packs that you have purchased. Each of the first 1M packs sold will be eligible to receive all 14 airdrop cards.

Splinterlands Chaos Legion Presale Info:

There will be 15 million packs in the set. 1 million are set aside for the presale. You must have SPS token staked in order to participate in the pre-sale. Depending on how much SPS is staked, that will determine how many vouchers you will receive in order to participate in the presale.

The presale will be live for a one month. There will be a 1 voucher per pack purchase ratio. The amount of SPS staked will equal about 1 voucher per day based on having about 2,000 SPS staked. You can stake a smaller amount, and wait a number of days to receive 1 pack. This is definitely a system giving preference to whales, who have staked SPS. This centralizes things quite a bit, but there will still be many new participants using the presale to strengthen their decks in the game.

There are many benefits of the presale. Each pack will also have a chance to win special promo card airdropped to the owner at the end of the sale. Each 15 packs will guarantee you a promo card.

The presale will begin Oct. 15th, and go for one month, until Nov. 17th. The packs will not be openable and usable within the game until the presale is over. Visit Splinterlands.com to learn more.