Chumbi Valley: P2E in a Relaxing Forest

What is Chumbi Valley?

Play to earn games are exploding and it’s almost impossible to keep up. Here at we do our best to bring you the best projects early enough to maximize your gains. This under the radar project caught our eye as a way to P2E and still be early to the party compared to say Axie: Infinity.

Chumbi Valley is a beautiful RPG blockchain game built on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. The game will launch as an App on Android, iOS and PC. Simple right? All in-game items and creatures will be tokens and NFTs. According to its creators, the visuals and gameplay are “inspired by Zelda, Stardew Valley, Pokemon & Studio Ghibli.” The game experience lets players explore a relaxing forest valley and raise mystical creatures called Chumbi.

Like Pokemon or Tomagtachis, Chumbi adore their owners. Unlike Pokemon Chumbis help their owners earn actual cryptocurrency. Players can breed rare Chumbi, live off the land and adventure about to level up their skills and maximize earning potential.

The Chumbi Valley Team

So who is the team behind Chumbi Valley? At this time, they haven’t revealed themselves yet. But they have promised full team details before any NFT/Token Pre-sales.

So far we know they’re based in Australia. The founders previously founded and successfully ran a web design studio for 8 years, and a mobile gaming studio for 3 years. They’re now 100% focused on Chumbi Valley.. 

We are still at STAGE 1 of the project’s roadmap. The full team will be released to the website on Stage 2.

Chumbi Valley Roadmap

Chumbi Tokenomics

Chumbi Valley uses two seperate tokens: the Chumbi Token (CHMB) and the Lucky Stars (LSTS). CHMB is the game’s primary currency on the blockchain. CHMB pays breeding costs, marketplace purchases, and acquires property. In the future CHMB will have more utility such as governance and staking. CHMB will eventually be deflationary via a buyback and burn process by the Chumbi Treasury.

Lucky Stars will be a supplementary token on the blockchain. Players earn LSTS by completing in-game tasks such as combat, farming, healing cursed Chumbi etc. Lucky Stars will be required for anything Chumbi-related – breeding, leveling up, learning spells, and general happiness.

$CHMB Token Allocation

Total Max Supply: 300,000,000 

Initial circulating supply: 5,580,000 

25% Staking( unlocked over 4 years)

22% Play-to-earn (unlocked over 4 years)

22% Team (unlocked over 2 years)

17% Private Sale (unlock over 12 months)

6.4% Marketing (unlock over 12 months)

5% Advisors (unlock over 12 months)

3% Liquidity Reserve (Locked in DEX)

How to Participate

Interestingly, Chumbi Valley has announced there won’t be any token sale. Instead, the project will airdrop CHMB tokens to the community. So it’s ideal for those interested to follow their social media closely and become an NFT holders. As for Lucky Stars (LSTS), their allocation takes place entirely inside the game itself.

Chumbi Valley is hosting their “Seed Chumbi NFT Sale” sometime in December of 2021. They are holding their whitelisting competition right now. You must simply follow that link and complete the tasks to enter.

The first 4,096 Chumbi NFTs will forever be the rarest Chumbi ever created. These limited editions “Seed Chumbi” will have uncommon features, lower ID numbers, and a ‘seed’ meta tag identifying them as the founder’s mints. Plus, owners of these Seed Chumbi NFTs will receive bonus airdrop gifts and have access to VIP pre-launch breeding and beta gameplay. Also, getting in on Gen Zero will also be the most profitable breeding strategy. You have until Nov. 29th to complete the whitelist tasks.

The project is currently halfway through “stage 1” development. They plan to release a playable demo in the first half of 2022.

If you’re interested in Chumbi Valley be sure to check out their other links, and check back here for more updates on the NFT sale.

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