BETSWAMP: Free Peer-to-Peer Betting System & Olympus Fork (PRESALE)


Aside from blockchain gaming projects such as Dungeon Crypto, there are new utilities being brought to the world of DeFi. BETSWAMP aims to be a decentralized hub for betting on the blockchain. Its “Peer-to-Peer Betting” system is an innovative use case. This system completely takes out the odds of conventional booking systems. Using its features you can create events around literally any verifiable event and place unlimited bets. Other users can create their own events, or bet on the ones you have created.

BETSWAMP is an update to the Olympus bonding and staking dapp. It offers new utility with four different ways to earn on the platform. There is a staking feature in which you earn “validations points” to verify results to earn dividends. You can create an event and earn 1% on the pool. And then of course there is betting wherein you can win, lose, or draw. The system has no centralized governance and is completely peer-to-peer driven.


Bets on the system are placed in the stablecoin $BUSD, or the native platform token $BETS (Betswamp). $BETS is a Bep20 utility token built on the Binance Smart Chain. With the Devs taking just 5% of total initial circulating supply of 250,000,000, and a whopping 32% going to liquidity for the platform.

How to Get Started with BETSWAMP:

If you go to BETSWAMP.COM you can launch the app and start betting on various events. Everything from soccer matches to cricket and MMA is available. You will need $BUSD in your connected Web3 wallet. There are matched and unmatched events for you to join.

There is also a DAO, in which you can stake, bond, and create LP tokens using $BETS and $BUSD. By participating in staking you can become a validator of the various events in the worlds of sports. There will be updates in the future that will make the platform more versatile, servicing a wider array of events in gaming and otherwise.

The DAO is still in the testing phase, and you can still be among the first users of Betswamp.