Colony: The Future of DAO Building

The disruptive technology of blockchain is transforming finance. The full ramifications are becoming clear. Blockchain is going to change how we create and manage organizations.

Colony’s upcoming ICO is gaining high interest. It could be the first user-friendly toolkit for building a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).

Colony brags you can go “Zero to DAO in 90 Seconds.” People can create their own DAOs online with little effort. You can even mint your own ERC20 token and give it governance powers for all the members of your DAO. DAO builders can divide their DAO into different domains.

Explore the full range of features offered by Colony Here.

The Colony Team

A powerful range of VCs back Colony. These include Signum Capital, LD Capital, and other powerful existing DAO’s and protocols behind the project.


Colony makes money through network fees that go towards the development of a fund for constant development and improvements. You can us the $CLNY token for governance staking, revenue sharing, reputation mining, and fee auctions.

Notably, 20M Colony Token $CLNY will go towards the upcoming public sale. 29M will compensate the team. And 96M will go towards funding. 15M, along with some other figures shown above, will go towards various causes including a strategy fund.

How to Participate in the ICO:

The Colony Token Sale will take place on Dec. 14th, 2021. The whitelisting period is currently open from 11/23. You will find the whitelisting Here. You will need to add the XDAI RPC network to your Metamask Web3.0 wallet.

For the official how to page with complete step-by-step directions for whitelisting and token buying click Here.