Farm Planet: Farm, Fight, Earn

White Paper

About Farm Planet:

Farm Planet is an upcoming Metaverse play-to-earn game with two game modes. The PvE will be a story mode in which players upgrade their buildings and characters on an NFT plot of land required to play the game. The PvE game mode prepares your farm for the PvP, where the play-to-earn (P2E) happens. This means everyone is on a level playing field. So while the game won’t be pay to win, the more you play in the PvE mode the greater advantage you’ll have in the PvP mode.

Players will trade in-game resources, upgrade buildings, characters, obtain special resources, battle other farms, and defend their farm from invaders.
By making the right decisions in PvE (leveling up buildings, characters, and weapons) you will have better outcomes in PvP, and earn tokens.

Farm Planet Tokenomics:

Farm Planet’s $FPL token has a fixed supply of 10B. Players are paid from their PvP activity, which is peer-to-peer.

There is a 10% tax applied to every transaction. Marketing and development allocates 6%. Reflection (Rewards for holding) = 2%. Liquidity = 2%.

There is also a separate in-game token known as Gold Coins. These are used to purchase in game items such as vehicles, buildings, and weapons. Gold Coins are earned by completing game quests. There will also be a third in-game currency known as diamonds, which can only be earned through completing daily quests. Diamonds are used for character, building, and vehicle upgrades.

Farm Planet Token Presale

The token presale will take place on 11/25/21. You must join the whitelist today 11/24, which you can enter the giveaway Here. There is a series of checklists you must simply complete, e.g. follow them on Twitter, like YouTube videos etc…

The sale will take place on PinkSale.

Upcoming NFT Sales:

The sale is to be split into 4 phases. Every phase contains 2500 NFTs for sale.

This first NFT land sale sequence 10,000 NFTs on the market. Phase 1 sold out within hours. The second sale has also sold out. The third and fourth phases are upcoming, TBA.

Once the limit is reached the game makers plan to unlock more areas with a higher price floor, allowing new players to join the game.

To mint your land NFT simply visit the official Farm Planet website Here.

You can always stay updated by following the Official Links:

Twitter, Discord