GovWorld: Collateralizing NFTs

What is GovWorld?

Introducing the innovative DeFi ecosystem for leveraging the power of a multi-chain, peer-to-peer lending protocol. GovWorld is offering an on-chain network to collateralize any NFT or altcoin. You can receive public or private loans of the top three stable coins: USDC, USDT, or DAI.

The system will connect your web 3.0 wallet to assess how much USDT USDC or DAI you can borrow. Users borrow against the value of your NFT & approved crypto assets. This opens an entirely new liquidity pool for investors. You can even stake your customized loan offer in the GovWorld loan marketplace. If your collateral altcoins are also what they call “Strategic Partner (SP) tokens,” you receive benefits via the PartnerFi program.

GovWorld Partners

The core team is led by CEO Chris McDaniel. Chris has worked with high quality blockchain projects and project incubators. His list of past companies include Duck Dao, Dao Maker, Ferrum Network, Poolz, BSCPad, POLS, SWAP, and Dext.

Strategic partners include Poolz, an established launchpad with many successful ROI’s under its belt. Trustpad is another launchpad partner, helping secure the their launch with marketing and fundraising power. Ferrum Network, Bondly – the Defi Escrow service, Babylons – the NFT Marketplace, Teneo Finance, and NFT Trade, a marketplace, round out their impressive network of support.

GovWorld Tokenomics

GovWorld has distributed their token supply to support the ecosystem and incentivize partners and investors. The team will receive 7%. 10% will go to marketing, and a total of 30% to various investors and partners. The private and public sales, strategic, and liquidity pools round out the initial token supply.

How to Get Involved:

GovWorld will ICO on Nov. 23rd, 2021, on Poolz. It will operate as a lottery system, with the list of requirements available on Poolz. Potential buyers will have to run Binance Smart Chain on their Web3.0 wallets, and complete the whitelist requirements.

You can stay updated on the project by following them on their various social media accounts: Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn.