PolkaCity: Exotic NFT Cars at Virtual Gas Stations

What is PolkaCity?

PolkaCity is a virtual sandbox blockchain game on the PolkaDot network. There seems to be an emphasis on owning NFT cars, helicopters, and other motorized vehicles in the early marketing. But this will function as a full on city simulator. Players will have ownership over virtual assets, locations and services. Want to own a gas station? Shopping mall? Hotel or restaurant? There’s passive income in that.

The real world value of each asset will depend on how many players populate the game. There is a relatively simple onboarding process that generates income paid in the native POLC token. If you have assets under contract, you get paid. That simple.

Many investors in the early metaverse have taken notice. Shopping centers are currently sold out, having fetched prices as high as 151,000 POLC, that’s $223,000. Yup. Pretty crazy.

The PolkaCity Team

The team at PolkaCity is led by Carmelo Milian, whose track record includes working as a senior consultant for Microsoft and co-founding the data management service OneCloud. You can read more on the team at their LinkedIn site.

Tokenomics in PolkaCity

The tokenomics are sliced into five major pieces of the pie. The pre-sale covered 2.5M POLC. The team was compensated with 10M. Marketing takes another 5M POLC. The liquidity for Uniswap gobbles up another 25M. The rest of the entire circulating supply of 200M is dedicated to the platform, for release inside the game. It will be released every three months.

How to Buy/Own/Play

The PolkaCity NFT store is now live. There is an Ethereum store as well as one on the Binance Smart Chain. You simply need to open a gaming account on the site, and link your Web3 wallet address to purchase.

The first release of the PolkaCity game is still geared to launch in Q4 of 2021. There will be additional land sales in early 2022. But don’t expect to get plots of land in this one for less than six figures! Strange times are these…

To stay updated on the game be sure to visit PolkaCity.io. You can also follow them on Twitter , or join their Telegram and Discord.