Meatex Review:  Real Passive Crypto MLM or a Giant Scam?

Welcome to my Meatex review!

This is yet another MLM firm that promises big profits.

If you’ve been approached about a passive income opportunity, you’ve probably come here to double-check that it’s real…

The good news is that I’ll take you through their business, services, and pay structure.

All you have to do is pay attention and wait until the finish…

Meatex Review – What Is It?

Meatex describes itself as a firm that uses technology to improve the efficiency of meat processing and preparation.

They are not utilizing living animals, but are reportedly extracting and growing tissue to obtain 100 percent natural meat.

Mason White (Found and CSO) appears to have 10 years of expertise as an entrepreneur in the fields of food and agricultural technologies, business development, and research and elaboration management.

Mason White, however, has no digital footprint outside of the firm.

Someone who truly wants to revolutionize the world of meat processing would be on the map somewhere.

Other people on his team include Simon Bracey (Chief Science Officer) and Emily Jane Vinson (VP, Nutrition & Health).

Once again, no digital traces…

Meatex is registered with ASIC in Australia as MEATEX PTY LTD, however ASIC does not control the firms that register.

Beurax, Wiseling, and Bitconnect were all ASIC-registered companies that duped their investors.

On March 29th, 2021, the domain “” was privately registered and updated on August 23rd, 2021.

Overall, the firm is not forthcoming about its operations…

Meatex Review – What Are the Products?

Meatex is seeking investors to assist its scientists and technicians in furthering their study into enhancing large-scale meat production.

I haven’t seen any evidence that any of their facilities are truly operational…

You may also become a member of the affiliate program and promote it.

Meatex Compensation Plan

Meatex has affiliates invest into one of their plans to get a guaranteed return on investment and can recruit others who do the same.

Investment Plans

You can invest with several different cryptocurrencies, but I am going to use bitcoin as an example.

I am just going to use 0.001 BTC as an example…

  • Laboratory Research – invest 0.001 BTC and receive 0.000020 BTC daily over 15 days or 0.000030 BTC daily over 35 days
  • Development Production – invest 0.001 BTC and receive 0.000500 BTC over 20 days ROI.
  • Spread Franchises – invest 0.001 BTC and receive 0.006500 BTC over 90 days or 0.03 BTC over 210 days.

There are no minimums or maximums when it comes to investment amounts.

Affiliate Program

As of right now, you can earn direct commissions on your first level which is 5%.

In the future they are opening up Regional Manager options where you can earn down two levels in a unilevel.

  • Level 1 – 7%
  • Level 2 – 1%

At the time of this MEATEX PTY LTD review it says “coming soon”.

Meatex Review- Membership Fees

Although the affiliate membership is free, you must invest money if you want to participate in the daily returns possibility.

There are no restrictions.

Unlike all of the other Meatex reviews out there, I’m going to be honest in my ultimate conclusion, so PAY ATTENTION…

The Verdict Is In….

Is the Meatex hoax real?

Let us examine the facts…

The concept behind this firm is fantastic, however talk is cheap, and there is no proof of any science or technology being used to effectively produce meat in a lab.

Second, the firm’s leadership does not exist outside of the organization, which is an enormous warning signal…

Third, firms like these do not require an affiliate scheme since they often attract investors who already have money to participate in the company.

However, no serious investor would put money into a firm that isn’t being open about everything…

The fact is that the whole meat processing thing is a farce…

What’s actually going on is that fresh investments are being used to compensate current members, making this a ponzi scheme.

Also, when it comes to funding, major enterprises like this don’t generally take the crypto currency way.

Anyway, I would avoid it since you never know when it may rug pull. 

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