Spintop: Epic GameFi Ecosystem


About Spintop

The multitudes of games, NFT’s and tokens erupting around the blockchain make it virtually impossible to navigate without feeling some overwhelm. Spintop is a blockchain exclusive gaming platform where the community comes together to discover and play games, trade their tokens & NFT’s, and earn together within a shared economy as carefully curated by an MMR moderator mechanism. Whether you’re a game developer, gamer or an investor, Spintop’s tools allow you to experience blockchain gaming to the fullest.

The Spintop Team

Spintop is led by Sina Gulfidan, a creative engineer and a serial entrepreneur. Sinan specializes in system architecture and business management. He has founded multiple successful businesses in telecommunication and fintech to e-commerce. He is an avid crypto enthusiast and gamer.

CTO Batu Dal is a tech entrepreneur with vast experience in business model innovation and strategy. Batu also manages a Web 3 agency providing end-to-end blockchain solutions.

CSO Kan Kayabali is an award-winning entrepreneur and electronics engineer. Kan founded digital media, IoT, e-commerce, and mobile gaming businesses with over 500 employees across offices in Turkey, the US, UK, Dubai, Belgium, and Singapore. MIT Review named Kaan one of the top 10 Turkish innovators under 35.


Ticker: SPIN

Marketcap: 14,428,710

Circulating Supply: 34,070,000

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20).

The SPIN token’s utility will be as follows:

  • Stake it in Spindex Pools to earn SPIN Tokens
  • Use it in Yield Farms to earn more SPIN Tokens
  • Burn it to create Guild
  • Stake it to create a profile and apply for scholarships
  • Burn it to wrap NFT

How to Get Involved:

You can currently buy Spintop on PancakeSwap.Finance Here.

We are currently awaiting the Spintop’s GamePedia, a community-driven gaming guide where players can navigate the gaming space, explore and contribute to the game content filtered for their interests, learn from game guides, and access these games.

We are also awaiting the Farming/Staking features for the token, which will offer ROI rewards for those who provide liquidity.

According to their Roadmap, these features are supposed to launch this month.

Follow their official Twitter, and Telegram for the most up-to-date info.

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