Big Time: Space NFT Sale – Extremely Time Sensitive!!!

What is Big Time?

Big Time is an upcoming multiplayer action RPG from the creators of the mega hit Fortnite. In the game you team up to adventure across space and time. As players battle across history, they will earn collective NFT “skins,” or characters and their various subtypes that can be traded for real value.

Players will essentially team up with friends in game, and travel about the world entering dungeons and overcoming challenges to attain valuable loot.

The plot of Big Time revolves around the familiar “a rift in time” theme. Players can utilize the “Timelines” system to evolve their character along multiple “class paths,” and switch to their desired class on the fly. This allows for a multitude of ways players can create rare NFT collectibles, simply by playing the game.

Big Time Space NFT Sale Details

Starting on Dec. 21st 2021, Big Time is launching their space NFT Sale. These spaces will be limited, so that they are verifiably rare and unique. They can be customized by the players as they essentially will control their own miniature universe within the game.

Space NFTs are a slot of virtual land represented as an NFT with specialized areas, crafting features, and other features. In the very early stages of the game players will earn their first time machine. Space will expand and personalize the base layout of your time machine.

There are certain spaces that have already sold out, and we at CryptoReleases just wanted to get this information to you ASAP so, after doing your own research, you can participate if you choose to do so.

How to Participate

To participate simply go to NFT.BigTime.GG and sign up for the marketplace. You will sign up using your google account, and then you must simply fund a crypto wallet with $USDC stable coin.

After purchase the NFT will be stored in your BigTime account inventory.

It is possible this NFT land sale in BigTime will be the least expensive time to buy land. This does not constitute financial advice, but I made sure to grab some virtual land in BigTime 😉 myself.

Happy Holidays


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