TheManor.Farm/Garden: Compound Your Way to Big Money in DeFi This Year

About the Manor.Farm/Garden

The Drip.Community Ecosystem has expanded to include many layers. One of them is the TheManor.Farm/Garden. In this DeFi game, the object of the game is simple. Players are rewarded for compounding their 3% daily rewards by planting the “Seeds” that are produced from your “Plants” which are purchased using Drip/BUSD LP tokens.

The more you compound, the greater the value of of your plants, thus the higher your 3% daily rewards grow. The more you compound early in the life of the contract (which is till growing like a weed [pun intended ;)?] the greater your rewards will be for months, or even years to come using the protocol.

The Devs

Everything the creator of Drip.Community Forex Shark touches turns to gold right now, and the protcol has been audited by RugDoc and is insured by Paladin Blockchain Security.

How to Get Started:

To get started you simply need to Visit TheManor.Farm and:

1: Have some BUSD in your wallet.

2: Use the Liberate Drip App to create your Drip/BUSD LP token.

3. Visit TheManor.Farm/Garden and use your LP token to buy your first plants.

4: Return at least once daily to “Compound” your rewards, and keep growing your garden of “Plants,” that will seed future rewards.

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