Thetan Arena: Play to Earn Has Arrived

What is Thetan Arena?

Ever since Axie: Infinity erupted in popularity the play to earn revolution has been underway. With Thetan Arena a brand new opportunity has arrived.

Thetan Arena is a newly released play-to-earn NFT game built on the blockchain. The game has gone live on IOS, Android, and PC. It has been reported that players are able to earn, depending on their skill, as much as $700 per day playing Thetan Arena (depending on the current market price).

Thetan Arena is essentially an online battle. In game players must balance their personal and team skills to win at various game modes and challenges, earning the in-game currencies and NFTs that can be be sold for profits.

The Thetan Arena Team:

Thetan Arena has been developed by Wolffun Game. The core team is highly experienced in both blockchain technologies and game development. The Co-Founder Hoang So has over 8 years experience creating PvP games.

A host of powerful crypto venture capitalist groups and blockchain gaming companies back Thetan Arena. These include Animoca Brands, Axia8, and Kardia Investors.


There are two tokens associated with Thetan Arena: the Thetan Coin and the Thetan Gem. Thetan Coins are free to earn by participating in game modes and various activities.

You can earn with Thetan coins by selling them on exchanges, trading for NFT’s, and purchasing Thetan Boxes. These provide the player with more valuable NFTs which can be used to win the game, and thus earn more coin.

Thetan Gems are the other in-game currency. Also free to earn, Thetan Gem is used to evolve your “Heroes,” to create more valuable NFTs, sell on the market, and also earn staking awards by locking up your Thetan Gems.

How to Play and Earn:

You will download the Thetan Arena app on your Android or IOS mobile device, as well as on PC. You must simply create a new game account. The game will send your email a code, and you must simply verify the code to begin the game tutorial mode.

After learning the basic controls in battle you are awarded with three random heroes to begin the game.

That’s technically all you must do to get started. You can also buy more powerful heroes using wrapped BNB on the Thetan Arena Marketplace.

You can see the full project roadmap on their official site. Follow Thetan Arena’s official social accounts for all updates: Twitter, Discord, Telegram.

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