BinStarter: New Launchpad Sees 100x Gains

Binstarter is a new project incubator/launchpad that is starting to see massive returns. It is an ensured multi-chain launchpad. This enables both project owners and liquidity providers to have peace of mind, protecting investors from rug pulls.

Binstarter is built on the Binance Smart Chain, but it is built in a way to support IDO’s on other blockchains, such as Solana, Ethereum, and others.

There are also massive staking awards for your Binstarter Tokens. Within the last couple months BinStarter has concluded 5 successful launches, with six more down the pipeline.


$BSR token has surged of 1200 percent, and yet had a recent pullback along with all things crypto. The potential price of this token rising plus getting IDO allocations is a massive opportunity. Binstarter staking rewards also offer from 160-990% APR, which compared to other leading launchpads is phenomenal.

How to Get Started with Binstarter

  1. First you must purchase the $BSR token. You can find Binstarter on, and eventually on Uniswap as well.

2. You then need to connect that same Metamask wallet to

3. Next, you must stake $BSR on the site until sales dates to qualify for allocations. There are six different pools you can stake in, each with their own APR.

4. Finally, you must follow the official social accounts and retweet their announcements. You can find the link to their Twitter, and Telegram here.