Earn Up to $10,000 per month with Crypto Legions

What is Crypto Legions?

Crypto Legions is the first Play-To-Earn NFT game with an “omni-balanced oracle system.” Like many other play-to-earn (P2E) games we have covered here at cryptoreleases.com, e.g. Axie Infinity. Crypto Legions is pioneering the inevitable rise of the metaverse, where crypto, DeFi, and blockchain gaming merge to form in-game economies.

In the game you will hunt for monsters and summon warriors to form a “Legion.” You will earn the native in-game token and use it to advance in the game for more earning potential. You can only hunt once every 24 hours, which means once you have set your Legions up there is a fun, time-efficient way to play and earn with the game.

Crypto Legions Team

The Crypto Legions team has partnered with Certik, Chainlink, Dex Tools and others.

Crypto Legions is a revolutionary game made by Crypto Games Agency, whose mission is to create sustainable P2E games that grant users a reliable revenue, while educating others on how to enter the NFT gaming space as prudent investors.

The core team has combined many years experience in blockchain, business, marketing, and development.

The game’s founder “Danny” is the team’s crypto-currency expert. Danny holds vast experience and knowledge of P2E game mechanics and the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. He has worked in the e-commerce space and will lead community building and marketing for Crypto Legions. He lives and breathes crypto. After becoming a successful Degen on BSC his goal is to provide a sustainable income source to many more Degens.

The team also includes the cofounder “Shark,” who has over 20 years experience in business, entrepreneurship, coaching, IT sales, marketing, and recruiting. He also plans to feature this cryptocurrency game in a documentary. The film will educate people on how to navigate the NFT gaming space.

“John” is the CTO, an internet pioneer with over 30 years in tech. He has served as CEO and CTO for numerous Web3 startups. He also works with well-known Fortune 500 companies including The New York Times, BCGDV, City of New York, Navient Shell Oil, and First Republic Bank.

For a full list of the team see the whitepaper team page here.


The utility token known as “Blood Stone” allows you to summon Warriors and Beasts to create your Legions in the game. The token is currently trading on Pancacakeswap.Finance. Depending on how large your initial investment is, there is an ROI calculator that helps you estimate your earning potential in the game.

The initial coin offerings (ICO) came in 3 stages. The private sale, public presale on PinkSale and then the token launch on PancakeSwap.

The prices varied for each stage:

  • Private sale: 2632 $BLST tokens per 1000 USD (1 $BLST = 0.38 USD)
  • Public sale: 2500 $BLST tokens per 1000 USD (1 $BLST = 0.4 USD)
  • PancakeSwap price: 2273 $BLST tokens per 1000 USD (1 $BLST = 0.44 USD)

There are various taxes associated with cashing out the in-game token. E.g. the market place tax is 15%, 2%, summoning fee is $20. The full tokenomics information can be found on the whitepaper here.

How to Play and Earn with Crypto Legions

The first thing you’ll want to do is go to cryptolegions.app. There you click on “Buy Blood Stone.” This will take you to Pancakswap.Finance. The portal will prompt you to import the $BLST token. Next, you will return to the main site and click “Play. Now that you have $BLST token you can purchase your Warriors and Beasts NFTs and create your Legions.

Make sure you have enough BNB in your wallet to afford the gas transaction fees. You can click where it says “Tutorial,” and the tutorial will take you through the complete process to get started. Once you’re hunting you will be able to claim your $BLST, but there is a heavy tax involved. This should help keep the price action of the in-game token healthy.