$90 Per Day Crypto BUSD PASSIVE Income with Quantic Qube

What is Quantic Qube?

The Devs behind Quantic Cube seem to have learned from much of the carnage in the DeFi space. They have devised a Dapp that has proven to be sustainable and lucrative. The devs have reverse engineered what is causing these DeFi Dapps to fail, and they have evolved Quantic Cube to address many of these concerns.

In the space of Defi we have seen countless protocols get rug pulled, have their liquidity drained, and scamming out. These types of Dapps enrich the insiders and leave the everyday investors holding the bag. Quantic Cube is a new DeFi Dapp that promises to be different. They have even established an 80% tax on early withdrawals to help protect a healthy contract balance.

Quantic Cube is a staking protocol that provides investors with high percentage yield on their investment. Like many staking dapps, Quantic Cube allows investors the ability to compound their stake. There are multiple ways to earn an ROI using Quantic Cube. In this article we cover them all.

The Devs Behind Quantic Qube

Quantic DFlow and other developers of the project are active Admins in the official Discord and Telegram. They are experienced crypto and Defi experts who have amassed a dedicated following with 6,000+ members in the Discord server, and about as many followers in their official Telegram.


The Quantic protocol works by staking the Binance USD stablecoin (BUSD). Stakers earn up to 8% Daily ~ 2920% yearly APR in BUSD. You also receive up to 8% referral bonus. The referrals have a 24 hour rewards accumulation cut-off. There is a 12 hour mandatory compound feature. Quantic Cube has an 80% contract fee for early withdrawals. There is also an 8% tax.

The Quantic utility token has bonus features inside the protocol. Benefits for Quantic holders include up to 1.7% stacking compound bonus when compounding every 12hrs+ with a max bonus of 20.4% based on number of Quantic tokens held. Plus, extra referral bonuses can be earned based on the number of Quantic tokens held. There is a 3% tax used to buy back Quantic token.

Each investor can enable/disable automation at any time. The investor can choose compound intervals between 4 and 24 hours. The devs suggest to choose 12-24 to receive stacking Quantic bonuses. Automation will follow 6+1 strategy. This essentially means to compound for 6 days and claim on 7th day. There is a fee of 1% per compound/claim.

How to Get Involved in Quantic Qube

You can start staking your BUSD and earning rewards by visiting the Quantic Staking Dapp. Simply connect your Web3 wallet and deposit the BUSD into the protocol. From your dashboard you can also buy Qubics, enable automation, claim your rewards as well as manually compound.

For advanced strategies on how to compound your rewards for massive profits, check out our Defi Mastermind Here.