EMP: Detonator DeFi Built to Last

All About Emp.Money

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Emp.Money is a DEFI protocol that is modeled after its successful predecessors Bomb.Money and Tomb.Finance.

The $EMP algorithmic token serves as the backbone for a rapidly expanding DEFI ecosystem. It is providing liquidity and new use cases to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

This project has had a successful launch. It’s Detonator feature has proven to be an innovative protocol that is sustaining its contract balance while paying out 1% daily dividends. The lottery feature, which Josh Elder just won, is attracting new investors who are looking to win the daily random and daily highest deposit payouts.

EMP also provides consistent passive income during this current crypto bear market.

Emp.Money Tokenomics

Emp.Money is a multi-token protocol which consists of the following three tokens: $EMP, EMP Shares (ESHARES), and EMP Bonds or $EBONDS.

Unlike previous algorithmic tokens, $EMP is not pegged to a stablecoin such as $BUSD. Instead, it is pegged to the price of Ethererum ($ETH). This is done at a ratio of 4,000:1, that is 4,000 $EMP equals 1 $ETH for the peg to be maintained.

The Detonator works in a somewhat similar manner to the popular Drip Garden, in that your principal investment is locked, and you are paid in daily dividends. However it is not deflationary like the Drip Garden, and the Detonator has proven to be a stable protocol for longterm passive income.

The Emp.Money Devs

The developers of Emp.Money as known as the “Genesis 7,” (now 6). They are the group that started project, and collected as the dev rewards. The leader of EMP has even doxed himself Therefore there is no risk of early whales dumping the project on everybody’s heads. They are all crypto veterans with multimillion dollar portfolios. They have dedicated themselves to support the project.

This project would not be possible without the technology from both Bomb.money and the Tomb.finance team. These projects had open source code, and were generously involved.

In order to maintain the peg, the developers have set out to maintain focus on innovation around enhanced functionality and use cases. This will incentivize more investors to buy and hold the tokens in the Emp.Money ecosystem.

How to Get Started

To get started with Emp.Money there is a simple list of steps that must be taken:

  1. Visit Emp.Money and click “Buy Emp.”
  2. Once inside PancakeSwap.Finance, swap USDT, BUSD or whatever you choose for $EMP.
  3. Now, swap 50% of your $EMP for $ETH on the BSC.
  4. Visit the “Farm” and “View” the Emp-Eth LP ESHARES pool.
  5. Click on “Provide Liquidity” and it will take you back to Pancakeswap.
  6. Click “Max” on either EMP or ETH and click “Supply.”
  7. Return to the Farm and view the ESHARES pool, click on the “+” sign and click “Max.” Add the LP token to your stake.
  8. Wait to claim your ESHARES, then go to the “Boardroom.”
  9. Click the “+” in the Boardroom and stake your ESHARES, you will now be earning more $EMP.
  10. To participate in the Detonator, you must make an ETH/EMP Lp token and deposit it inside the Detonator protocol.

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