The Next Big 1.2% Daily Dapp: HNW

What is HNW?

HNW is a DeFi protocol that works in a similar manner to Drip Network. It is a lesser-known protocol that has an opportunity to be a sleeper success that churns out consistent passive incomes throughout this current bear market, and into the future.

HNW is stakeholder reward system that includes NFTs and utility tokens. The use cases include staking rewards, unlocking referral level bonuses, and different tiers of %APR dividends.

This new DeFi protocol is presenting a buy opportunity, as it is still relatively under the radar.

The Devs behind HNW?

The devs of HNW have been willing to dox themselves and do AMA’s. They are in the chats answering questions and have a presence in the community. As we know this is very crucial for building trust in the DeFi community, where lots of people had been being scammed.


There are three main tokens to be familiar with. We have the HNW Token, the HFUEL token, and the SIDEKICK (SK) token. Once the tokens are staked on the protocol they become xHNW and xSK. There is a tier system that dictates the rewards that investors will earn.

The use case for these tokens is clear, to use them to stake and earn your xHNW and xSK staking rewards of 365% yearly APR, which equals up to 1.2% per day.

HFUEL can be purchased after staking your tokens on the protocol. It is also purchased on Pancakeswap.Finance. After you deposit the HFUEL you can claim as well as compound your stake, similar to many other DeFi protocols.

How to Get Started with HNW:

To get started you can follow the instructions in the video above. Basically, you want to download the app and enter the dashboard. You can visit to download the app and access links to purchase the utility tokens. You will need to purchase your HNW and SK tokens on, and then you will need to enter your deposit in the dashboard.

After depositing based on the tiers, you can calculate your rewards. Once staked, and approved, this will allow you to purchase HFUEL in the Refinery. You will need your “wingman” referral link, which will be included in the description of this video, as well here in the article:

WINGMAN ID: 0x4532BBeA6EC2Df2b914df9c3f03D1D19F30701b1

There is a referral rewards system, in which you will be able to earn up to 5% on various levels. This helps if there is a YouTube channel you run, or other social media accounts where you’d like to share HNW Refinery.

For advanced strategies on how to compound your rewards for massive profits, check out our Defi Mastermind Here.