JEDSTAR: A Galaxy of GameFi Awaits

What is JEDSTAR?

JEDSTAR Token is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). JEDSTAR is the very first of three tokens in the upcoming JEDSTAR Defi/Gamfi ecosystem or DECO.

The goal of JEDSTAR’s creators is to create a new “Intergalactic” metaverse wherein players will own all their in-game assets, play-t0-earn, and take part like never before in the over 200 billion dollars in value created by the gaming community each year. They also put artists first, aiming to empower them for helping create the games, rather than empowering massive corporate interests.

Coming soon, there will also be the AGORA NFT MARKETPLACE. The Agora will sell art, NFT, and gaming assets. This will be powered by the upcoming KRED token, which is going into pre-sale soon.


The team at JEDSTAR is led by “Josh G,” as it states on their playful website display, where everyone seems to have a nickname. Sure this could be harmless fun, or a way to make it difficult to research an inexperienced roster’s specific backgrounds.

Despite not knowing their team’s credentials, they have successfully partnered with venture capitalists and major crypto brands. These include Chainlink and Remote Control Productions. They have also started gaining major attention and articles written about them across the investment media landscape.

JEDSTAR has also been listed PancakeSwap, Coin Market Cap, as well as Coin Gecko.


The JED token has a max supply of 100,000 and launched at $0.0001. 60% of all JED gets burned in 2 phases. 45% at launch and 15% more at a later point. 30% is locked into Pancakeswap liquidity for 1 year. 2% goes to future DEX listings. A fraction will also go to miscellaneous purposes.

You can review the entire tokenomics model by visiting the Whitepaper.


The upcoming KRED token presale is still listed as “coming soon” on the website.

You can currently purchase JED token on Pancakeswap, with its price around $0.80 at the time of this writing. “StarStaking” is also an upcoming feature, where you can stake your JED token for up to 120X of their investment.

You can follow JEDSTAR on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Discord, and Telegram. There is no word yet on when the first game will launch.